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Even the best roofs can suffer from leaks on occasion, and you may not have the funds or time to contact a professional for assistance. Taking care of your Greeley roofing system is important for a couple of important reasons. First, regular maintenance ensures that you stay covered under a manufacturer's warranty. Second, stopping a leak in its tracks will prevent future problems like mold and wood rot. If you've spotted a leak in your home or exterior walls, then your roof is most likely the culprit. You can take care of the problem on a short-term basis using the methods described below.

Identifying a leak isn't always easy since your roof is sloped and the water may run several feet away at an angle. If you have access to your attic or ceiling crawlspace, start there. Shine a flashlight onto the roof area from underneath. You may be able to pinpoint where the leak originated. If you find the leak from the inside of your house, then you can save some effort by only making one trip onto your roof.

Once you identify the source of the leak, apply roofing cement to the underside from the attic space. This will help seal out moisture before you climb up onto the roof and fix the problem from there.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about roofing repairs or wind damage.

If you can't spot the leak from inside, then you'll have to go onto the roof. You'll need several things for a leak repair: a sturdy ladder, gloves, safety goggles, roofing cement, caulk, a putty knife, replacement shingles and a hose.

You'll need a friend to help you identify the leak if you can't spot it after meticulous searching. Using the hose, run water carefully over the area where you suspect the leak. Ask your friend to let you know when the leak appears. This method allows you to spot a leak more accurately, but it also creates the potential for further water damage. Once you spot the leak, use roofing cement and replacement shingles to patch up the hole. If you find a leak near the flashing or around openings, fix the problem by scraping off old caulk and re-caulking the area.

Keep in mind that DIY leak repair is a short-term solution. In cases of storms, larger leaks or leaks that don't respond to cement patching, you'll need to call a professional. The more you walk on your roof, the more damage you can cause. If your leak happens as a direct result of inclement weather, then avoid repairing the leak on your own. Instead, contact your insurance agency to ask about filing a claim. DIY repairs could actually void a manufacturer's warranty or your insurance policy, so exercise caution when attempting to fix a roof by yourself.

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