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Greeley Roofing: Article About How Contractors Repair Weather-damaged Roofs

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Weather damage is the top reason for roofs to fail over time. From hail to wind, the roof is a constant target as it protects the home and belongings below. As any Greeley roofing contractor could tell their customers, intricate inspections should take place after any major weather event. Even the smallest roofing crack leads to potential water damage inside.

Roofing contractors start with their best inspection techniques. They'll scan the inside of the attic using flashlights and other devices. The main rooftop is the portion that takes considerable time. As they walk across the surface, they mark any disturbances in the original installation. Cracks, breaks and exposed roofing areas are all noted. Contractors who speed through the inspection process will inevitably miss a leak, causing extensive damage inside the property.

Homeowners may cringe when they see the next repair step, but it's necessary to complete for top-quality service and roofing longevity. Contractors will pull roofing sections, such as a group of shingles, from the home. They'll inspect the underlayment below. The underlayment itself may need to be removed. Because there are so many roofing layers, contractors must be sure they've discovered all the damaged areas before starting with the replacement process.

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Large roof sections may be removed over several days to clearly define all the issues.

Depending on the damage, both underlayment and roofing are replaced. The replacement process is often extended over a few days to allow any residual moisture to evaporate from the area. When moist and damaged areas are uncovered, nature must take its course to dry them out. If any wet weather is still on the horizon, contractors usually cover the damaged area as well as possible until dry weather prevails. It's too dangerous to work on a slick rooftop even for professionals.

With dry conditions, Greeley contractors replace all the necessary roofing portions. They'll even test the areas with water to simulate a rainy day. A contractor inside the attic and another on the roof supervise the water application to see if any leaks occur. Any issues that may arise could create a need to realign shingles or even add caulk.

Caulking any exposed joints is one of the final steps to a perfectly repaired roof. Once cured, the caulk stops water from entering small crevices. Contractors must test the roof again for watertight properties, allowing them to have satisfied proof of a completely repaired rooftop. Homeowners should still diligently inspect their home during and after a storm in the future to verify the roof repair still holds up.

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