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Rain gutters may not seem significant, but they play a large role in a home's structural stability through the years. Because the gutters are typically painted to match the fascia's hue, their presence is not obvious, which is better for the home's curb appeal. Greeley Roofing strives to help homeowners understand the importance of the gutters and their function with the roof itself. Preventing water from striking exterior windows isn't the only job the gutters perform with every storm.

As rain flows off the rooftop, it collects in specifically sloped gutters. Using gravity to its advantage, the gutters effectively funnel the water from the roof to the ground below, moving it away from the home. A strong roof cannot function correctly without the adjoining gutters. Greeley makes it a point to inspect both shingles and gutters when presented with an estimate request.

Older gutter technology uses connection points dotting the lengths of gutters every few feet. These so-called seam gutters are fraught with issues, heralding in the advent of seamless gutter technology. The seamless gutters are more aesthetically pleasing and last much longer with the right maintenance.

The key to any healthy rain gutter system is angles. Greeley will actually measure a gutter's slope toward a downspout. It's not just the long, horizontal lengths that are a concern either.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about skylights or wind damage.

The downspout termination point should be several feet away from the foundation. Water puddling and flowing at the foundation actually damages it over time. The house can actually shift with muddy soil permeating the entire ground. Water flowing from the roof to a driveway or drainage system is crucial for the home's structural integrity.

When Greeley inspects a roof and gutter system, they start from the top down. Damaged roof shingles and underlayment are noted along with gutter damage. Because many gutters are metal, it's possible to repair certain issues before they become too complicated. However, replacement sections are common to keep the gutters consistent with a seamless appearance. Quotes are always given to the homeowner to ensure communication and all options are discussed thoroughly.

Take a look at the gutters from ground level. If homeowners have a sturdy ladder, a closer inspection is always a smart choice on calm, sunny days. Concentrate on any abnormal appearances such as pulled sections from the fascia. Gutters take the brunt of the rain's weight and force, making them vulnerable to damage over time. Being aware of their care and repair requirements maintains the entire roof system and preserves the home below.

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