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Constant news reports of drought conditions, frequent forest wildfires and even urban-area house fires point to the need for making homes as fireproof as possible. And, ensuring that a roof's large surface is fire-resistant is critical to achieving that task. A strong partnership with a knowledgeable Greeley roofing contractor can help homeowners select the best roofing systems for their homes and guide them on how to maintain its fire safety.

When it comes to selecting a roof, consumers may be surprised to find a wide range of roof systems available that provide fire protection. Historically, tile roofs offer some of the best fire armor with their clay or cement composition and Class A fire ratings. Metal roofs with gypsum underlayments are also traditional fire defense options, providing a non-combustible surface that resists wind-blown embers.

Homeowners don't have to limit themselves to tile and metal roofs anymore to enjoy Class A fire-rated roofing materials. Today's asphalt shingles are reinforced with non-combustible fiberglass to provide superb fire protection. Depending on the composition of the asphalt shingle, fire ratings range from the desirable Class A to the less-resistant Class C, so it's important for homeowners to check with their roofers to make sure they are getting a Class A product.

Even if a home currently has a fire-susceptible, wood shake shingle roof, all hope is not lost.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about insurance repairs or roofing repairs.

A professional roofer can treat existing cedar shingles with fire retardant chemicals to provide some fire protection until it's time to replace the entire roof.

Once roofers have done their part to make a roof fire resistant, homeowners have their own responsibilities. Many of the preparations they can take to prevent house fires are the same steps they will take to prepare a roof for winter. First, they should check gutters and roof surfaces for dry pine needles, leaves, twigs and brush that could easily ignite. Once those items are removed from gutters and surfaces, residents should make sure that trees and shrubs near the house don't have limbs or branches extending over the roof line. They should keep chimneys and stovepipes clean and make sure that their rooftop outlets are covered with screens to avoid embers blowing onto the roof.

Keeping homes safe from fire is one of the most important purposes of a roof. Choosing the appropriate roofing material, relying on the advice and installation skill of a qualified professional, and taking routine measures to shore up fire defenses help to ensure that a home is as protected from fire as possible.

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