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It is important to have a roofing system inspected at the end of harsh seasons to ensure that no serious damage has occurred due to extreme temperatures or storms. Summer's heat can take its toll on the roof, resulting in warping or deterioration of materials. Additionally, summer storms can affect damaged areas as water seeps through leaky spots or as winds pull up loose materials. A comprehensive inspection by Greeley Roofing is helpful for identifying areas that may require simple repairs to limit further damage. Additionally, a fall maintenance visit allows debris to be removed from portions of the system to ensure that later damage is prevented.

Gutters can collect debris during the autumn months as leaves fall from trees. Neglecting this issue could later result in the failure of gutters to drain water from the roof. It is important to keep these areas clear as pooled water on the roof could compromise materials, eventually leading to leaks. During roofing maintenance, these areas can be cleared and inspected. Hardware such as clamping rings and strainers are also evaluated to ensure that they are secure. It may be important to clear these areas again after any major fall wind storms as well.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about wind damage or skylights.

Soffit vents should be checked during this transitional time as well. An overheated attic could lead to ice dams on the roof as snow or ice melts and pools. Similar to the risk involved in a clogged gutter, the existence of an ice dam can cause deterioration of the materials in contact with moisture. Leaks could result, and the lifecycle of the roofing system could also be diminished.

Roofing areas are also inspected during fall maintenance to ensure that penetrations are watertight. Areas such as chimneys, dormers, vents, skylights, and mounts for satellites can affect the integrity of a roof. These areas should be treated to ensure that leaks are not created, and a roofing professional can check these issues during a maintenance visit. Similarly, a contractor can check important elements such as flashing, fascia and coping.

While it is easy to think about the outside portion of the roofing system, the attic should be included in a roofing inspection. A contractor may look for signs of leaks in order to pinpoint areas that may require repairs. Additionally, a roofer may check insulation levels and condition, recommending the replacement of moldy or wet materials or suggesting the addition of supplemental material for improved household energy performance. A comprehensive inspection is wise for addressing the integrity of the system as a whole.

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