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From lowering your energy bills to reducing your carbon footprint, taking green initiatives around the home can help sustain the environment for future generations. But when it comes to energy upgrades, most homeowners forget about the roof because roof repairs can be costly and time-consuming. In reality, roof upgrades don't have to cost a fortune in order to provide hefty benefits. If you're in the market for a Greeley roofing upgrade, then read on for some useful tips about energy efficiency.

Popular energy-efficient upgrades include skylight installation and reflective roofing. You may hesitate to install skylights. Wouldn't adding another window to your home decrease energy efficiency? Actually, skylights are one of the best and most affordable ways to promote green energy. Because of their construction and the way they're installed, skylights can effectively decrease the amount of UV light your roof receives while reducing your energy bill throughout the year.

Reflective roofing refers to the materials that are deemed Energy Star-compliant by the U.S. government. These materials can reduce the surface temperature of a roof by as much as 100 degrees Fahrenheit. The cooler your roof is, the less energy it takes to cool down your home during warmer months. Over time, reflective roofing may save you hundreds of dollars each year because it allows the HVAC unit in your home to work more efficiently.

Other common energy-efficient upgrades certified by Energy Star include asphalt roofing materials with specially designed granules and certain types of metal roofing with the correct pigmentation.

A roofer from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about skylights or insurance repairs.

Not only will these types of upgrades help you achieve energy efficiency, but you may also be eligible for certain tax credits in the future.

If you're preparing to re-roof, you might consider adding an ice and water shield to the deck instead of traditional felt. Ice and water shields act as moisture barriers, and they significantly reduce the chance of leaks and water buildup under the roof. Some contractors will install a total ice and water shield onto the entire surface of the roof while others limit installation to protrusion areas like chimneys and skylights. A total ice and water shield offers a couple of benefits including reduced energy use throughout the home.

One less common energy upgrade may surprise you: Some homeowners choose to transform their roofs into an organic space. This practice is called "green roofing," and it's a process whereby contractors install a vegetation layer on top of the roof. Rooftop vegetation helps cool down the surface temperature and provide year-round insulation. Not every home can support a rooftop garden, but if you're curious about the process, then contact a local contractor who specializes in green upgrades to find out more about this unique roofing solution.

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