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Protecting your home without harming the environment is simple with today's abundant variety of energy-efficient and eco-friendly roofs. Recent innovations and time-tested practices give homeowners several green roofing options from cool roof systems to solar shingles. To find out if an eco-friendly roof is the right choice, consult with a trusted Greeley roofing contractor. They will go over the options that are best for a house, depending on factors such as its location and age.

One of the most exciting new options in roofing are cool roofs. Traditional, darker-colored roofs absorb heat from the sun and can reach temperatures up to 150 degrees. Since heat radiates back into the atmosphere, it can lead to environmental issues. The heat also creeps into the home's interior, resulting in higher cooling costs. Cool roofs combat that heat absorption and emission. Since the roofs are about 50 degrees cooler, home interiors become reasonably cooler in the summer. The lack of heat absorption also protects the lifespan of the roof.

Best of all, cool roofs are widely available and very affordable with most major manufacturers incorporating cool roof colors and features into their regular product lines.

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They'll also help homeowners save between 7 and 15 percent on cooling costs each year, making them the most rapidly growing portion of the roofing industry. The Cool Roof Rating Council encourages consumers to compare various cool roof products, labeling each roof with its solar reflectance index, or SRI.

Advances in solar shingles have also galvanized the market. Those old-fashioned, super-sized solar panels have been replaced by extremely thin photovoltaic solar shingles that can be easily integrated into a roof's surface. Even clay tile roofs have viable integrative options with thinner, flexible solar films that can be bent to seamlessly resemble rounded clay tiles. Solar shingles offer better energy efficiency than regular roofing, saving homeowners 40 to 80 percent on energy consumption.

Finally, don't count out asphalt shingles if you're looking for an energy-efficient roof. With energy costs escalating and the competition always striving for more, roof manufacturers are constantly innovating their most popular asphalt shingles. Modern shingles are made to withstand severe weather, resisting the damaging freeze-thaw cycle that can damage a roof and the home beneath it. They've even found a way to incorporate solar-reflecting granules into their darker-colored shingles to give homes the benefits of a cool roof.

Today's homeowners don't have to make the trade-off between an affordable roof and a cherished environment. They can select from the innovations and exciting new energy-efficient roofing options.

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