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A common question posed to Greeley roofing professionals is whether choice of color for a roof makes a significant difference, and the answer is usually a resounding yes. The difference is more than just about style. Color or shingle pattern selection can have a real effect on how well a home can retain heated or cooled air, which in turn, has a very real effect on energy bills.

In fact, a roof can determine the temperature in an attic by as much as 40 degrees. A light-colored shingle, such as white, will reflect sunlight and help to keep temperatures lower throughout the home. A dark-colored shingle, such as black, will absorb heat, which will help to keep temperatures higher throughout the home. Black is the most prevalent roof color, but lighter shingles are far more prevalent in the south.

Dark shingles also help to melt snow and ice from a roof, and both elements can be very damaging to a roof over time. Therefore, in regions where significant snow and ice is expected annually, it becomes the deciding factor and makes dark shingles an easy choice. In the southern half of the U.S., light-colored roofs can substantially reduce the costs of running air conditioning nearly year-round.

The home's resale value should also be an important consideration.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Greeley CO can answer questions you have about wind damage or insurance repairs.

Most modern roofs are constructed to last 15 years or more. A roof painted bright white may be the ideal way to keep energy costs down, but that color choice may not be in style or very appealing to most people and may make the property much harder to sell.

With all that in mind, a homeowner should choose a color that he or she enjoys. After all, the beauty of one's home is an important aspect of being happy and taking pride in ownership. When choosing for aesthetic value, homeowners should choose a color or hue that complements the permanent aspects of their home or at least those least likely to change. A brick home's color, for instance, is generally never painted, and a roof color that complements the brick will hold up regardless of what the homeowner chooses to do with paint and shutter colors.

Lastly, be sure to view roofing samples in appropriate conditions. Never make choices in a store or sitting in a living room. Most companies provide roof material samples that homeowners can take with them, which gives them an opportunity to see what the shingle looks like outside in the early morning, in the afternoon and in the evening.

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