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An annual check of a home's roof is an effective way to stretch the roof's life span and head off any problems before they cause damage. Even if no leaks or other outward symptoms of a roof issue are present, it's still wise to make this annual inspection a priority. Homeowners who have trepidation about climbing up on a roof have no reason to worry: A pair of binoculars is all that's needed to inspect everything from the ground. If any doubt remains, Greeley roofing contractors are available to perform the inspection and address any concerns.

A few common problems turn up frequently during roof inspections. Cracks in the caulk surrounding the flashing are sometimes evident, and some rusty spots may be visible. Homeowners should check for broken or missing shingles and inspect the remaining shingles for signs of curling, buckling and blistering. Shingles with these characteristics are nearing the end of their useful life. During a roof inspection, it's a smart idea to look for evidence of lichen and moss and confirm that the chimney cap is in good shape.

Don't forget to check the gutter when performing a roof inspection. A buildup of sandy-looking granules in the gutter is a common sign of an aging roof. These granules come from the coating of the roof's asphalt shingles; they protect the shingles from the UV rays of the sun. Once a fair amount of those granules have come off and landed in the gutter, it may be necessary to replace the roof.

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Homeowners who observe some of these common roof problems can often fix them on their own. For example, it's not difficult to replace a couple of missing shingles. Resealing the caulk that surrounds flashing is another inexpensive and simple task; however, flashing that has begun to deteriorate or rust should only be repaired by a professional.

Moss is another common roof problem that can be handled by homeowners. The prime time to tackle moss is in the autumn when a moss-killing product should be applied. Before purchasing a moss killer, make sure that the product was intended for use on roofs, not lawns: Products meant for lawns can leave unsightly stains on a roof. In the spring, any dead moss can be cleaned off with a broom, and the moss killer can be applied on any lingering growth.

Although it's usually sufficient to inspect a roof once a year, any visible signs of a roof problem should warrant an immediate inspection. Homeowners who observe dampness surrounding a fireplace, dark patches on a ceiling or water stains on furnace pipes should act quickly to address this evidence of water damage. A professional roofing contractor can assess the condition of the roof and make the necessary repairs to prevent further damage.

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