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Whether it's time to replace your gutter or you're looking for better alternatives to your current model, you have options when it comes to protecting your roof from damage. Seamless gutters have become a popular choice for many homeowners due to their sturdy construction. However, some still prefer traditional gutters. No matter your Greeley roofing needs, check out the following pros and cons of both types of gutters commonly used in roofing.

The term "traditional" is a bit misleading when it comes to gutters since both seamed and seamless gutters have been used for decades. Traditional gutters are made from sections of metal, stainless steel, galvanized steel or vinyl material. You might also see wood gutters in older homes, but wood gutters are generally rare. Homeowners choose sectional gutters for two primary reasons: They are cheaper and relatively simple to install on your own without professional assistance.

On the other hand, the cheapness of traditional gutters can be offset by their key disadvantage. Because of their seams, traditional gutters are more prone to leaking. Traditional gutters need to be cleaned manually twice a year, and they may allow water to seep into the house. Paying more for seamless gutters may prove a better investment for some.

Seamless gutters have superseded the seamed variety thanks to their durability.

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In fact, seamless gutters account for around 75 percent of gutters in the country. Unlike other forms of gutters, seamless or continuous gutters are formed from one continuous sheet of metal. They still contain seams to a certain extent, but the seams are less conspicuous than those in traditional gutters.

The key advantages to continuous gutters include less leaking and stronger construction. Because seamless gutters contain fewer seams than their sectional counterparts, they present less risk of leaking and water buildup. A gutter's primary function is to guard your home from water damage, and seamless gutters provide extra protection. Additionally, seamless gutters need to be installed securely, which means contractors must cut them on-site. This level of customization allows for a tighter fit and reduces the amount of gutter maintenance homeowners will need to perform.

In terms of disadvantages, the major drawbacks to continuous gutters include cost and installation requirements. While you may be able to install seamed gutters on your own, you cannot buy and install seamless gutters from your local hardware store; they must be installed by a contractor. Some consider this an advantage because it means less risk of improper installation and greater security. However, this can also be seen as a disadvantage for those who enjoy completing their own projects. Hiring a contractor to install seamless gutters can also be more expensive than installing sectional gutters on your own.

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