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When a homeowner needs to install a new door or replace an old one, there are many different options from which to choose. For the sake of safety and security, many homeowners seek out steel residential doors. These doors are available in an endless array of colors, styles and configurations. Underneath the aesthetically pleasing exterior is a steel core that is vandal proof, fireproof and resistant to wind, rain and insects. Property owners who need to replace a door due to a roof leak, termite infestation or other problems will find many steel door options through Fort Collins roofing professionals.

When the front door of a dwelling needs to be replaced, the homeowner may want to consider a decorative style of door with an interior core of steel. A steel door can have a window at the top to allow sunshine to come through. The door can also be outfitted with a peephole to enhance the homeowner's safety, and leaded glass or stained glass panels can be added to the upper portion of the door without compromising its security features.

A door built of steel does not have to be a boring, flat rectangle.

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Steel doors with polyvinylchloride (PVC) exteriors are an aesthetically appealing choice due to their texture. Another option to dress up the outside of the door is with a wood veneer. This gives the look of a solid wood door without the weakness, warping or need for regular maintenance that wood doors require.

A homeowner who would like the front door to be color coordinated with the home's siding, paint or bricks can arrange for a custom colored door to be made. The outside of the steel door can be finished in any color of the rainbow. There will be no need to repaint, stain or seal the door as the color is impregnated right into the materials. This low maintenance type of door is ideal for homes that do not have a storm door.

Large homes often have a front opening created for a double width door. If the original materials need to be replaced, steel doors can be custom built to any height or width. Even if the property owner chooses to design a personalized door with an unusual color, size or even a panel of glass at the top, the cost of the door will likely be less than that of what a floor model wood door would be.

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