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As they allow extra light into dark rooms, it should come as no surprise that skylights are popular among homeowners. Whether part of a major renovation or a standalone project, the installation of a skylight typically increases a home's aesthetics and often adds a practical dimension as well. The extra sunlight may even cut down on heating costs. However, where and how the skylight is installed can dramatically affect its functionality. Before making any decisions, most homeowners benefit from a review of the skylight basics.

In essence, a skylight is nothing more than a hole cut in the roof, a sort of angled window. However, given the differences between a roof and a standard wall, the structure of a skylight is somewhat more complex than a standard window. In most cases, a skylight consists of a glazed windowpane and a light well. In other words, the skylight is not only a "hole" in a flat roof but also more of a shaft that cuts through the attic area, from the roof all the way to the ceiling. Given the relative complexity, compared with a simple window, most homeowners contact a Fort Collins roofing professional to install the skylight. Qualified roofing contractors can also often advise on the most practical and aesthetic placement for a skylight.

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When homeowners are thinking about installing a skylight, there are two main factors to consider: Light and heat. Just as a skylight allows more direct sunlight into the home, that "trapped" sunlight also heats the interior of the home, much like in a greenhouse. In most climates, this heating effect is welcome for many months of the year. However, in some cases, an ill placed skylight may provide too much heat or too much direct sunlight, creating "hot spots" indoors and bothersome glare.

To avoid the potential pitfalls of a poorly placed skylight, several possible solutions exist. First, the skylight's location must be considered, and homeowners should make note of the sun's path throughout both the day and the year. Another advisable measure is to line any skylights with selective coatings. To further modulate light level, many homeowners simply hang special shades for their skylights, which they can operate as regular window blinds.

While installing a skylight does require some consideration, for numerous homeowners, they become a centerpiece of living areas, bedrooms or bathrooms. Especially in homes with little natural light, a skylight can brighten the space tremendously.

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