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It is very important for homeowners to have their roof inspected after a severe storm. Strong wind and hail can damage a roof in ways that are not apparently obvious to those who are not trained to spot the early signs of damage. Waiting until the roof starts leaking before seeking repairs ultimately costs significantly more than a roofing evaluation and maintenance and repairs. Fort Collins roofing experts are highly trained and know what to look for so that damage can be repaired before it progresses.

Hailstorms are very destructive to roofs, and the larger the hailstone, the more extensive the damage can be. Hail damages asphalt shingles primarily in two ways. At the minimum, hail can dislodge the weather resistant mineral granules from the shingle's surface, exposing the shingle's base to the sun's energy. If left unrepaired, the backing will quickly deteriorate and allow water to pass through the damaged area. In more severe cases, hail can hit the roof with such a strong force that the shingle immediately cracks and is no longer able to prevent water passing through the shingle.

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In either case, the damaged shingle allows water to flow under itself, which could then find its way into the attic via the nails used to install the shingles. Hail damaged shingles can sometimes be hard to see, especially to the untrained eye. Because the base material is exposed, shingles damaged by hail will look bruised. Experienced roofers are trained to see the subtle differences in color that indicate hail damage.

Many storms are accompanied by strong winds that can damage a shingled roof. Sometimes, wind blows so hard that shingles are torn off. With missing shingles, the roof's decking and underlayment are unprotected from damaging UV rays and rain. This exposed area also leaves the nails of the shingle below it uncovered, making them a conduit for moisture into the attic. Wind damaged roofs are fairly easy to diagnose, and shingles laying on the ground are a telltale sign.

Whether a roof is damaged by hail or by wind, it is important to have the affected shingles replaced right away in order to prevent further, more costly damage. In most cases, a homeowner's insurance will cover storm damage. There are many quality roofers who will meet with the insurance adjuster and negotiate with them on behalf of the homeowner, making post storm roof repairs as stress free as possible.

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