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Although weather forecasters are constantly updating their information, strong wind gusts can occur at almost any time. Even if a wind event is known, it's often difficult to protect the home and roof as necessary. When a roof has possible wind damage, Fort Collins roofing professionals must look for key clues to verify problems and potential resolutions.

When homeowners venture outside to look at their roof from ground level, curled shingles are the most obvious damage. Although shingles are securely fastened to the deck using four to six nails, their exposed tabs simply lay flat on the surface. With damaging winds, these tabs will literally curl upward. Residents may even see underlayment peeking out from below the curled portion. These shingles must be replaced before any rains arrive. Leaks into the structure are highly possible with curled roofing materials.

Professionals must walk across the rooftop to see finer damage details, such as cracks. Asphalt shingles are normally dark colors, making cracks difficult to see from the ground. Even a hairline crack left on the rooftop can grow into a complete tear, allowing moisture to seep into the wood deck below. Contractors also look for missing shingle pieces, such as torn corner edges. Although the remaining shingle could be intact, missing pieces still contribute to poor roof protection.

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The worst wind damage causes missing shingle sections entirely. Contractors often note these problems first because they're obvious exposed areas. The underlayment may be completely open to the elements at that point or could be missing altogether. If roof decks are exposed, contractors cover them quickly until they can permanently fix the area. Even one night of dew or fog can saturate exposed wood decking, creating water damage to the interior in a matter of hours.

A more difficult damage point to consider is loose shingle nails. Roofers should test all shingles to see if any are loose. Nails can pull out of the decking, but not far enough that they're obvious to even professionals' eyes. Each shingle section must be physically checked and corrected if too loose.

Even if winds didn't seem too strong during a weather event, homeowners should still contact a roofer for a basic inspection. Depreciation is possible with just a few broken shingles remaining on the rooftop. Repairing any damage swiftly only preserves the structure and property values. Any potential buyers, for instance, will walk away from a property with obvious roof problems.

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