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Many homeowners are not aware that unless they can prove that their roof was properly maintained, the factory will not pay out if the roof happens to need replacing before the term of the warranty. Next to the actual purchase of a house, replacing the roof is probably the biggest investment a property owner will ever have to make. That is why it pays to have it professionally inspected and maintained.

The best time to have a roof inspected is right before a severe weather season hits. Fort Collins roofing has been subjected to temperatures below 40 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter and above 100 degrees Fahrenheit during a hot summer. For that reason, late spring and autumn are good times to have an experienced, professional, reliable roof contractor conduct a thorough inspection.

What should the contractor look for when inspecting a roof? While the obvious answer is leaks, there are other telltale signs that a roof needs attention. The inspection procedures differ from one type of material to another.

A tiled or slate roof should be checked regularly for missing pieces, which should be replaced promptly before rain has a chance to soak into the underlying felt. It is also likely for the wind to shift more tiles if there is already one missing.

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A flat roof may be inspected from the ground from time to time and checked for bulges or uneven lumps that suggest a buildup of water. It should also be checked for splits or cracks around the edges. Inside, a damp patch on the ceiling could signal a tear in the roofing material.

It is also good idea to have a formal moisture survey performed periodically. Contractors use three different types of system to do this. One is a nuclear isotope reader. These devices send hydrogen ions/protons into the roof and then count the ones that bounce back. Every molecule of water contains two of these, so if there is water in the roof, the hydrogen count will be higher.

Another way of checking for excess water is to measure the roof's electrical capacitance. Because water is a good conductor of electricity, this too is a good measure of the amount of water present in the roof.

Finally, an infrared scan will measure the amount of heat lost through or retained by insulation. Wet insulation transmits more heat, so hot patches give away the presence of wet patches.

The most important time to inspect a roof is immediately before it is installed. One common cause of a roof not outlasting its warranty is because of incompetent preparation of the roof decking. This is most often the work of a carpenter. A roofing contractor will want to make sure this has been done correctly and will probably refuse to install a new roof over bad decking.

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