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Hailstorms can produce icy pieces as small as peas or as large as baseballs. Homeowners may be concerned about their rooftops during and after a severe hailstorm. Not all damage is apparent from a ground level inspection, so it's crucial to hire Fort Collins roofing professionals for a close examination to find all possible damage areas.

The most common hailstorm damage is rings or dents in asphalt shingles. Also known as divots, these damage points on the roof may not actually penetrate the shingle. The dents could knock off protective granules. Professionals must survey the roof to verify that all dents are simply cosmetic. These areas won't leak any time soon because they do not allow moisture into the structure.

During more severe hailstorms, shingle pieces could break off or cracks may develop. Contractors look for obvious damage and concentrate on finding more difficult visual issues, such as split seams. All damage must be accounted for to properly service the roof. Any exposed areas or cracks can easily let moisture into the deck area. Wood is the primary material supporting the roof's weight. Keeping rot and decay from the deck and rafters is the most important job of the shingle assembly.

Although questionable contractors may suggest patching damaged shingles, it's crucial to insist on replacement materials.

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Even the best patching job can suffer from leaks in the near future. It's best to replace damaged shingles entirely, especially because a strong warranty and possible insurance coverage could be involved with the service. Generally, it costs more to fix stained and moist interior materials compared to replacing strategic shingle sections.

Even if professionals repair and certify a roof as leak free after a hailstorm, there could still be problems in the future. Homeowners should hire contractors periodically through the year to check on roof wear. Although problems may be nonexistent, small issues could arise that require attention. Homeowners will have a clear conscious about roof care, protecting the property from any extensive damages in the future.

Although it's important to contact a roofing professional immediately after a storm, residents should also sign a service agreement to keep up with yearly maintenance. Contractors visit the home once or twice a year for basic preventive maintenance. Some agreements may even include several emergency visits after storms, for instance. Keeping a professional's eye on a rooftop year round keeps the materials in top shape for ultimate leak free protection.

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