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Ice dams can be a problem for homeowners who live in areas where snow is common. When snow accumulates on a roof and then starts to melt, an ice dam along the roof's edge can keep the water from properly draining. The ice dam can cause this water to back up and start leaking into the home. Of course, any type of water leak can lead to extensive damage, including damage to insulation, walls and ceilings.

These ice dams form when a roof is cooler along the edges or lower surfaces than at its peak. When the higher parts of a roof reach above 32 degrees F for an extended period, the accumulated snow will begin to melt. As the snow melts, water naturally flows down the roof; however, if the water reaches a lower section that is still below 32 degrees F, it will start to re-freeze, creating an ice dam.

Professional Fort Collins roofing contractors can help homeowners prevent ice dams and the damage they can cause. One of the biggest reasons ice dams form is because heat from inside the home starts to warm the roof.

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As heat from the home travels to the roof, it can cause some sections of the roof to be warmed enough that snow melts.

As homeowners heat their home, this heat rises and moves up through the ceiling to the insulation. It is important to use a high R value insulation at roof peaks. Without sufficient protection, the warmth from inside the home can heat the underlying surface of the roof and then pass through the roofing structure, causing the warmer areas that start melting the snow. With uneven melting due to the difference in temperatures, the water that travels towards the roof's edge will start to freeze, creating ice dams.

Air leakage is another common cause of ice dams. As warm air circulates and moves through the home, it will naturally flow to any air leak. As the warm air enters the attic space, heat loss starts to warm the roof and ice dams begin to form. Fireplaces, exhaust fans and wood stoves can cause heat transfer to the attic and a warming of the roof's surface. Controlling heat loss is an essential part of preventing ice dams.

A professional roofing contractor can help homeowners prevent ice dams by making sure the roof is airtight and has proper insulation. Additionally, it is sometimes necessary to extend vents, especially in areas that receive a lot of snow.

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