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Green roofs, also called eco roofs, are fully or partially covered with plants. They expand the amount of green space around a home and give the area a beautiful, unique look. The initial installation is more expensive than choosing a more traditional roof. However, green roofs save money over time when homeowners choose a knowledgeable Fort Collins roofing professional. Here's some more information about this unique type of roof.

Green roofs provide more insulation, reducing heating and cooling costs. They also reduce and filter water runoff and lessen air pollution and noise levels. Enough green roofs in a community can even reduce the urban heat island effect. They provide a great habitat for wild plants, butterflies, birds and bees. Green roofs work best when the roof is flat or it has a gentle slope. They can provide extra space for a garden or a rooftop patio.

Before renovating an existing home with a green roof or adding a green roof to a new home, homeowners should check with an expert to make sure that the home can support the added weight. A 20 square foot garden can add thousands of pounds of extra weight to a roof. Fortunately, lightweight green roof systems are available. Homeowners can also add reinforcements or supports to the rafters in the attic.

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The base of a green roof is a waterproof liner that protects the home from moisture and keeps roots from penetrating the roof structure. If the roof has a slope, a lattice or grid over the liner will keep dirt and plants from sliding off. Homeowners should mix potting soil with sand or dirt and peat moss or coconut husks. These materials absorb water to keep plants from drying out. Homeowners should make sure to choose plants that will grow well in the area. Flowers and other ornate plants need more work than moss or sedums, and grasses have to be mowed. If enjoying the vegetation or regular roof maintenance brings people to the edge of the roof, homeowners should add a fall protection system as well.

Even green roofs designed to be low maintenance require one or two visits every year to remove dead plants and clear gutters and drains. After the new plants are established, homeowners should check the condition of their roof at least once a month. They should inspect roof drainage, make sure plants are in good condition and see if any weeding is needed. Some roofs also require fertilizing once per year.

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