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Roof leaks can cause a lot of damage. Rust, mold, rotting wood and disintegrating shingles all come from excess water hanging around where it doesn't belong. In addition, health problems can also result from mold that isn't taken care of right away. Finding the source of a leak and getting it fixed can be tricky. While water dripping from the ceiling may be obvious, the signs that the roof is leaking are not always so easy to detect. Most of the time, it takes a Fort Collins roofing expert to locate and fix the leak.

Homeowners should have a yearly roof inspection. The inspection will check out all aspects of the roof, gutters, skylights, chimney and dormers for potential places where moisture and rainwater might be getting into the home. A leaking roof doesn't always come from the shingles. There could be holes in the flashing, cracks in the chimney collar, crumbling roofing cement or gutters so full of leaves and debris that water is backing up underneath the shingles.

Signs inside the house can be as simple as peeling paint, stains on the attic walls or a ceiling that doesn't look straight anymore.

A roofing expert from Colorado Roof Toppers of Fort Collins CO can answer any question you have about skylights or roofing repairs.

Even problems with the electricity can lead back to a leaky roof. Sometimes, the investigative work a professional roofer does leads to roof additions and not the roof itself. Skylights are a good example of that. If the seal around the skylight is cracked, water can get into the house and damage the attic. An experienced contractor can easily fix a leaking skylight.

Flashing is another place the roof can leak. The purpose of the flashing is to seal roof seams against moisture and rain, but flashing can slip or lift up during heavy winds, allowing water to sneak past the roof's protective layer. If there are piles of wet leaves that haven't been cleaned off the roof, that can be problematic. Wet leaves can encourage mold spores to grow. Once mold begins to spread across the roof, it can contribute to shingle disintegration.

Winter can be particularly hard on a roof, especially in areas where snow is common. Icicles might look decorative around the edge of the roof, but they are often a sign that there are ice dams. Ice dams interfere with the way the roof drains, but they can be corrected by a competent roofer. By improving the insulation and ventilation in the attic, ice dams and the damage they cause can be prevented.

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