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When most homeowners think of tiles for their roof, the first thing that comes to mind is likely the beautiful terra cotta tiles that are common throughout many areas of the world. These tiles have been in use for hundreds of years; however, today, homeowners have another option. In recent years, the use of concrete roof tiles has gained tremendous popularity, and these tiles are now more popular than their traditional clay counterparts.

Just like clay tiles, concrete roofing tiles offer exceptional fire resistance, but they also offer an excellent way for homeowners to save money. Concrete roof tiles are typically about half the cost of traditional clay tiles, something that gives them a major benefit, especially when considering the already high cost of a new roof.

Concrete tiles are often available in three different profiles. Homeowners can choose villa tiles, which are low profile tiles with a double S shape, mission S tiles or flat tiles, which are generally made to replicate the look of slate or wood shakes. The S tile shape allows them to be installed in an interlocking fashion with specially cut pieces used for the roof ridge and trim.

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Fort Collins roofing contractors with experience in this building material will be able to install concrete tiles on just about any type of roof. Of course, it is important to make sure the roof is able to handle the weight of these tiles. Concrete tiles often weigh three times as much as typical asphalt shingles, something that needs to be taken into consideration before installation begins.

Some manufacturers make lightweight tiles from expanded shale or aggregate that is suitable for homes that are not able to structurally support the weight of regular concrete roofing tiles. These lightweight tiles are still heavier than asphalt shingles. Therefore, if there is any doubt as to whether the roof will be able to support the added weight, an engineer should inspect the roof prior to installation.

Generally, a roof must have a slope of at least 3:12 in order to install concrete tiles. The concrete tiles can either be nailed directly to the decking or installed on battens running parallel to the eaves. A roofing contractor with experience installing concrete tiles will offer the very best results. However, never choose a contractor, even one with extensive roofing experience, to install roofing materials that they have never used before. It takes expertise to master some roofing materials, and cement tiles are definitely a material that requires extra training and experience.

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