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Leaks are a fairly common problem that homes experience. That being said, they are serious enough to warrant the help of a professional. Most homeowners don't realize that leaks are a significant problem that can lead to costly repairs. If neglected, leaks can lead to structural damage and mold growth. Homeowners should contact a Fort Collins roofing company immediately after they notice a leak. While leaks are a common occurrence, most homeowners don't know how leaks start. Here are a few of the most common reasons why a roof leaks.

One of the most common causes for a leak is a faulty water seal on plumbing. Plumbing extends from the inside of a home to the outside. Usually, homes experience these issues with plumbing exhausts and appliance fumes. When these components are installed, the home's watertight seal is broken. Plumbers will use rubber boots and flashing to protect the hole that was made and restore the seal. However, the seal will never be as good as it was before. Exposure to the elements eventually causes cracking in the seal, allowing water to penetrate the home.

Transition points on the roof are another common area where water seeps into the home. These transition points are difficult to seal.

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Depending on the design of the home, a roof may contain numerous transitions. For example, homes with a second story usually have an awkward transition from the first floor roof to the exterior wall of the second floor. Flashing is used to remedy this issue. Unfortunately, flashing sometimes fails. Damaged flashing breaks the watertight seal of the roof and allows water to wreak havoc on the home.

Roofing shingles, while made to protect the roof, can become damaged over time. The most common point of damage is the caps. Caps are more prone to wind damage, allowing water to penetrate the sheathing and roof decking. Standard shingles can also become worn over time. They can crack and split, allowing water to get underneath them and leak into the home. Luckily, shingle issues are the easiest to repair.

With a bit of knowledge, homeowners can avoid leaks by inspecting their home for these common issues. By keeping these issues under control, homeowners can avoid leaks and keep their roof in peak condition. Roofs are an integral part of the home's protection. Homeowners should take the extra time to make sure that the roof provides security for many years to come.

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